M&A Flow of Process

Being the bridge between Malaysian companies & Japanese investors

Kick-off meeting / Hearing

When you want to consider M & A because you do not have a successor, want to look for partners or investors or for any other reasons, please let us know first. We will visit you and look for the best solutions together.

Signing of NDA / Advisory agreement

NDA secures confidentiality, and the advisory agreement stipulates the scope and fees of our service.

Provision of your company information

M & A will require creation and submission of many materials stating your company information. We will provide you a list of necessary information and advise on each and every listed material.

Creation of Teaser / IP (information package)

Based on the information provided through Provision of the company information above, we will create detailed information documents so-called a “Teaser” (clearly describing the outline of business, reason to offer the assignment of your business / company, number of employees, sales figures, etc.) and “IP” (information package with deeper information of your company). From the view of confidentiality, the Teaser normally does not disclose your company name.


In cooperation with valuation experts, we will help the computation of your business value. Based on these business value, the selling price will be decided.

Listing of candidate companies

We will create a long list of candidate buyer companies to approach and narrow down the list to a shorter version (“Short List”) along with your opinions and requirements.

Contacting candidate buyer companies

We will contact the candidate buyer companies on the Short List and deliver the Teaser to those who are interested. If any of such companies shows further interest, then NDA will be signed and we will present the IP to them for their deeper consideration.

Negotiation / Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

We will negotiate M & A between the company that shows serious intention to enter such transaction, if you and such company meets mutual agreement exchange MOU contemplating such agreed terms. If a Japanese company is your counterparty, oftenly the executive in charge of M & A will come and visit your representative for interview and negotiation prior to the execution of MOU.

Implementation of due diligence (DD)

Candidate buyer company will require specialists such as lawyers and accountants to evaluate the risks of your business from commercial, legal, financial, tax, environmental and other aspects in order to assess your business value. In such process, the directors and key employees of your company will be interviewed.

Contract negotiation

Based on the results of due diligence, negotiations on the conditions of the M&A contract will be conducted between you and the candidate buyer company. The negotiation will cover various matters such as the selling price, treatment of your executives and employees after sales of your business / company, the timing of commencement, etc., all of such to be ultimately contemplated for the contract. Direct meeting between the representatives of both companies will also be held during the course of such negotiation.

Contract execution and commencement of transaction (closing)

The contract contemplating the terms agreed through contract negotiation will be signed and executed. Normally, there is a predetermined period of time between contract execution and actual commencement of transaction in order to perform procedures such as corporate resolution and transfer of licenses, etc.

Integration process (PMI: Post Merger Integration)

The closing of contract is not the goal of this transaction, but the outcome of subsequent PMI will determine the success or failure of M & A. Our team will support you on PMI in order to realize smooth and successful M & A.

Benefits for Buyers

Gaining Package of Assets and Rights

You can acquire the entire business such as customer base, production facilities, sales network, brand value, human resources, intellectual properties and licenses- owned by the seller, all in one time.

Saving Time

You can save time compared to the case in setting up new business from the scratch on your own.

Synergy Effect

Dramatic advancement and improvement can be generated through chemical effect between the buyer’s business and acquired business.

Benefits for Sellers

Financial Profit

You can recover invested capital by selling your business.

Sustaining Business

If you have difficulty in finding appropriate successor the business can be retained by obtaining a successor through M&A.

Disposal of Underperforming Business

You can improve financial figures by disposing underperforming business.


Incorporated since March 2017 as a Specialist M&A advisory company with the aim to proactively facilitate cross -borders M&A partnerships, we connect Malaysian companies with our wide network of established Japanese investors.
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